I am not a Rock, I am Happiness, I am Freedom- Chopard Happy Diamonds



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…. They complement the femininity of a woman with their brilliance and makes her special moments exceptional. Diamonds, when studded on a watch make a remarkable timepiece, when clasped into chain make an exquisite neckpiece, when clutched to the ears make an elegant earring and when perched on a finger band make a beautiful wedding ring.

But, is it necessary to stud, clasp, clutch and clamp a diamond into a product to make a woman happy???  Can’t the diamonds be set free and allowed to dance along with the modern woman in her journey of freedom, emancipation and empowerment??? Why not!!! Chopard says, Diamonds are best when set free to dazzle around. Very much like the free- spirited Chopard woman who is fun loving, easy going, free flowing and unpredictable yet powerful.


Surprisingly the concept of Happy Diamonds was first introduced in 1976 as a men’s watch ‘The Golden Rose of Baden Baden’, a prestigious competition for high jewellery organised annually in Germany.  Moreover, the inspiration for Happy Diamonds came while Mr. Ronald Kurowski, a designer at Chopard, saw sunlit water droplets sparkling across a waterfall in the German black forest. Initially not made for commercial sale, the overwhelming admiration garnered by the Happy Diamond watch motivated the Chopard to commercialise their piece of art and come up with their female version of Happy Diamonds.


The first models of Happy Diamonds with the Golden Rose Award.

Till date, more than half a million Happy Diamond Watches have been sold. There was a time when Happy Diamonds watch was available only in ornate designs.


Over the years the brand has also transformed as per the evolving taste of the consumer and the increasing consumer base.Nowadays, the Happy Diamond Sport makes the watch more wearable as a daily accessory for a woman on the go.


Happy Diamonds can also be worn as a pendant, a bracelet, a ring and an earring. The diamonds dance and dazzle as you glide through a board meeting, a weekend party, a dinner date or casual day out with friends and family.



Diamonds have been considered as a souvenir for special moments in a lady’s life. The best gift a man can give to his lady , the emblem of love and companionship. After all, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!!

However Chopard Happy Diamonds breaks the cliche about love and diamond relationship. They talk about the modern woman who loves wearing her best friend but doesn’t like them clasped and prefer them flowing freely along with her whirlwind life. Swinging along with her moods and moments, sharing her life, her secrets,her happiness, her freedom, her achievements, her highs, her lows like a true best friend forever….



Who wants to buy rocks when you can have happy diamonds!!!!


Author: suttleswing

I am a Doctorate in Luxury Fashion Marketing, pursuing active research in marketing and branding of luxury fashion brands. Besides this I love travelling and exploring different places and cultures. Travelling enriches me with sweet memories and unforgettable experience.

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