Capucine Part I – The Birth of Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag

The brand name, Louis Vuitton is synonymous with the trendy canvas bags which have flooded the female handbag market worldwide. Very often, one can often spot ladies flaunting a Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag in different sizes and shapes.

Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag

The LV canvas bag has become a popular trend especially amongst young females and in a way this soaring craze for the tan and brown coloured canvas bag have flushed in a lot of counterfeits in the market who promise the consumer the pleasure of owning a budget friendly LV styled canvas bag. However, this Craze for Canvas and rise of Counterfeiting have been a Cause of major Concern for the french luxury brand Louis Vuitton mainly for two reasons. First one being a loss of sales revenue due to the prominence of counterfeits in the market and the second, a more grave issue is the increasing trend for the canvas bag which is a threat to the exclusivity aspect which is critical to enhancing and maintaining a luxury brand image. Louis Vuitton could foresee the potential damage to its  brand image owing to the rising demand for the canvas bag which in a way was pushing the brand from exclusive class to more of a mass appeal.

Louis Vuitton addressed to this potential threat in a very aesthetic and beautiful way by launching its line of Capucine handbags in the market. The bag got its name from the street where the legendary Louis Vuitton had opened his first shop in 1854, thereby adding a vintage appeal to the brand. Furthermore the Capucine bag is highly priced, far more than what the canvas bag costs, just to ensure that very few people can afford them. This helped in increasing the aspirational value for the handbag and the brand. Apart from this Louis Vuitton made sure that the distribution of bags in the stores is very limited and customers have to patiently wait for some time to finally posses their much desired Capucine Bag. Lastly, Louis Vuitton ensured that the bag is made from exclusive high quality leather (full- grain Taurillon leather) and a semi rigid handle secured by jewel- like rings with a spacious and functional shape offering two inside compartments. Its distinctive flap can be worn two ways: outside to reveal the outline of a Monogram flower, or inside to show the LV initials. Thus the bag is a treat to the consumer expectation in terms of style, class and aesthetics.

louis-vuitton-capucines-mm-taurillon-leather-soft-leather--M48864_PM1_Interior view.jpg



Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag