The Luxury Prescription – JUST SAY MOSCHINO


What happens when an Italian luxury brands gets an American creative director – confluence of two cultures or controversy ?

Well ,the latter is happening with the latest capsule collection by Moschino. This infamous collection has been a subject of protest by social activists who believe that the capsule collection is endorsing the habit of drug addiction and showing insensitivity to the issue of deaths resulting from drug abuse. Owing to the pressure and protest all over the world fashion retailer Nordstrom has stopped selling this collection. Although the Capsule collection is still available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Moschino stores. Jeremy Scott has denied endorsing drug addiction through this collection and explains that Capsule collection is just another manifestation of his creativity as reflected in the Moschino Barbie Collection, ¬†Moschino Super Mario Collection or the Moschino Mc Donald’s Collection.


Moschino Barbie Collection


Moschino Super Mario Collection


Moschino Mc Donald’s Collection


Moschino Capsule Collection

Moschino Capsule collection is quite unconventional and different from the previous themes as it lacks the cuteness but is a high dose of creativity and unconventionality. Unfortunately, it is facing much criticism and people are being judgemental about the concept rather than appreciating the creativity behind it.

Jeremy Scott is a creative genius and he deserves the respect and the freedom for his creative expression. He has revived Moschino into a quirky brand with a strong youth appeal. The target consumers of the brand are young free spirits, rebellious and unique in their own ways. Keeping their psychology in mind I believe that all this controversy is going to add up to the popularity and demand of this collection.  After all what Moschino sells is fashion not drugs, then why are the activists spending so much energy on denouncing the brand rather than focussing on addressing the problem of drug addiction.